The Harris Quick Opening Door is a proprietary design and was originally developed and patented by Harris Products in the 1950ís.  Over the years this breech lock type door has been enhanced and refined so that you can be assured of many years of safe and reliable operation.

Full interior access is provided with the Harris Quick Opening Door. This design does not produce any relative motion between the door and the pressure sealing o-ring. Other types of closures actually rotate the door against the seal or o-ring causing early fatigue and replacement.

The Harris design operates by rotating the locking ring a few degrees to expose the door lugs through cut out areas of the lock ring. The door is then simply pivoted 90 degrees to allow full access to the interior. The lock ring and door swing operation are typically hydraulic and always interlocked to prevent operation when pressure is present.

The Door Safety Interlock device includes mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical interlocks to prevent inadvertently opening the door under pressure and complies with requirements set forth by the ASME.

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