We are distributors for new Fulton Boilers 

We also sell and rent used boilers and provide around the clock service for boilers and boiler packages. We specialize in refractory work, repair service for and installation of gas and oil fired boilers. We offer a large inventory of firetube boilers, 15 HP to 700 HP.


Boiler Related Services

Boiler annual inspections on fire and water side.

Refractory repairs

Cleaning of domestic hot water storage tanks Cleaning and testing of heat exchanger bundles

Removal and replacement of boiler tubes (including ASME certified welding)

Combustion analysis of flue gases Chemical program analysis
Class "A" gas fitting all gas train components Valve replacement and re-certification
Hydrostatic test Burner adjustment and cleaning
Controls adjustment and upgrading Safety and operating trim review and adjustment


We stock a variety of boiler components including:

Handhole and manway gaskets and covers

Gauge glass and gaskets

Tricocks and replacement handles Door gasket, rivets, clips and brass nuts

Low water cut-offs and boiler level operation controls (McDonnell Miller)

Programmers (Fireye - Honeywell) Pipe and fittings
Boiler tube in all common sizes "Kunkle" relief and safety valves


Boiler Sales Dave Mills

Dave Johnstone

Service Angie Almadin


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